You can currently see my work at University of Cincinnati's Reed Gallery, currated by Ryan Mulligan and Maiza Hixon through February. I'm performing a puppet show as opening for Kimya Dawson at Twin Oaks. Then there's my Transmission Gallery performance which was for a great show with Brooke Inman, among others. Transmission was recently featured in the Mashup .

Coming up is the WPA auction in March in Washington D.C., where I was selected by Emily Smith (at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, in Richmond). My work will also be featured in the Art Papers Auction in Atlanta.

Back in December Cinders Gallery brought my work down to Aqua Art Fair Miami (see great picture). I participated in Wood - Crossing the Boundaries of Form vs. Function at The Bridge in Charlottesville, VA.

I was just in a show in Houston at Domy Books in September. I also met with Pierogi Joe to show him my flat work and he included me in the Pierogi flat file.

Back in August after I met artist Chris Johansen on the road (which blew me away), I was drawing my puppets in a cafe, he liked them, and recommended I do a show at Adobe Books in San Francisco, where he got his start. John Casey came to the show and featured it on his blog, and then got picked up by Rag & Bone.


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